A podcast exploring strange and unusual stories that are sure to make your brain tingle. From aliens to crime scenes, we bring you some interesting tales. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and we hope you will grab a drink and join us for a laugh or maybe a scare or two.

Recent Episodes

A Joke To Die For- The Murder of Elvira

July 21, 2022

In 1847, a joke went to far and lives were lost. But who is to blame? The jokester or the person whom the joke was played on. Lets beat the heat, grab a cold drink and listen to a chilling tale. Time Well Wasted - Dirty, Unf…

Blood and Booze: The St Valentine's Day Massacre

June 10, 2022

Its the 1920's and mobs rule the streets of Chicago. It all came to a bloody climax on February 14th, 1929 when 7 men were gunned down. Was Scarface involved or was it random? Join us as we retell the days of the mob during …

UFOs in the desert

May 27, 2022

Hey! Thanks for joining us on this episode as we discuss the alien craze from the 1990s. Are you an alien fan? Do you think they would visit our little planet? Join us as we cover sightings in the desert and reports of alien…

Missing in East Texas: The disappearance of Brandi Wells

May 13, 2022

On August 3nd 2006, Brandi Wells stepped out of a night club and disappeared. Her case is tragic and sadly very common. There is surveillance evidence and some leads that all seem to lead nowhere. What happened to Brandi? Jo…

Pardon Me While I Burst Into Blue Flames

April 29, 2022

Fire is wild, random unexplained fires are ultra wild. Join us as we discuss fire spooks, spontaneous human combustion, and unexplained mysterious blue flames. Where do they come from? Why does it always happen to older peo…

Mystified in Five: The Queen of Wax Horror

April 26, 2022

Madam Tussaud was an intriguing figure and lived a macabre and interesting life. Tune in as Steven tells you the legends and facts that surround this amazing woman who created horrors in wax. **Enjoy this mini-sode where w…