We are two people who love telling stories and don't take ourselves too seriously. Grab a drink (we have) and have a laugh or a scare with us.

Tasha Dreadful is a all about the weird facts. She enjoys long walks on the beach, a good alien abduction story, weird unexplained phenomena, and The Cure. When she is not painting, writing, working her day job, or spending time with her kick ass family, you will find her elbows deep in a good mystery or unexplained tale.

Steve Chaos is a collector of all things dark, disturbing, and mysterious. From books to talismans, if it's strange and unusual he wants to own and study it. Eerie places and cursed lands are his specialty and one day he hopes to travel and visit all of them. Never one to take a person's word as fact,  his skills at research are unprecedented.                       

He also enjoys fishing.