love this podcast sm!! def worth the listen!

Really Incredible and Fun Podcast

I happened upon these guys through a third party site; I rarely add additional podcasts to my weekly “must listen to”, but almost instantly I had them take over a spot. Hosts are a hoot, funny and relatable, informed on the topics and overall just interesting to listen to. So be sure to add them to you watch/listen to list, as you won’t be disappointed! 👻❤️


I honestly love the energy these two bring! I’m so glad I found this podcast because their story telling and their commentary is so refreshing when things get really real. 5 stars!!!

Ohhh lalala

Really enjoy everything you guys cover. Easily one of my favorite pods too go listen too. Great topics and stories with amazing twists!

Just go listen!

I found this podcast from an ad on Your Brain on Facts. 😊 This show has a mix of stories. It could be ghosts, aliens, or murder. The hosts are amusing and fun. I definitely would recommend giving them a listen.

A lot of fun!!

Very enjoyable!!!!

They really do their homework

I really love this podcast. They do all the research of all sorts of events, legends, local folklore and historic events that could explain the theme of the days show. Both of the narrators are funny as hell.


If you like spooky stuff this is for you! They do a great job at telling stories. Keep it up!!!


I started this podcast a while ago and it has been an amazing time. I love true crime and all things creepy and this is the prefect podcast for that!

A must listen!

If you like being entertained with creepy stories then this podcast is for you. The witty conversations always leave me in stitches, and feels like I’m hanging out with old friends. Check it out!


This show is dooooope! and topics that are super interesting! Love Tasha and Steven, 5 stars!!!


Great podcast, can’t wait for more and more content to be released!! Keep it up🙌




Tasha and Steve bring tons of fun and chemistry to this show. Listening feels like having a beer with your friends, and they cover so many cool true crime stories. Definitely worth a listen!

Great podcast

I recently found this great podcast. I really enjoy all their episodes. I can’t wait to hear the next one. I recommend it to anyone that loves True crime

Super dope podcast!

Love this podcast! Definitely added this one to my list of podcasts I actively listen too! The chemistry between the two hosts is great! I love the subjects they talk about it and have a great ability of keeping my attention. Not to mention their artwork is super cute! I gladly recommend this podcast! Super good!

Prune cake is just rude!!

I have binged the show and I love it! Great banter, great stories! Stuff I have never heard before and that makes me so happy! Keep up the good work you two!

Love the hosts!

Great podcast! It’s so interesting and entertaining. I LOVE the hosts. They both bring a unique perspective and a fun banter! I promise you will enjoy it!

Fun stuff!

Y’all are off to a great start with your podcast. My husband has stated listening too. I really enjoyed the episode that covered the Saratoga lights having seen that phenomenon more than once firsthand. Thanks for the shoutout, Tasha!

Great start

Good broad topic podcast- narration is fun and hosts seem like they are developing their craft as they move forward.

Loved it!

True crime told in a a great detail. Truly enjoyed listening to the discussion portion as well as the story line. Great job