Aug. 7, 2020

The Damnable Episode: Werewolves or Serial Killers?

The Damnable Episode: Werewolves or Serial Killers?

Movies have turned monsters into legends. So many of us love to grab some snacks and watch the monsters of people's imaginations come to life on television or in theaters.
But what if those monsters are not always figments of the imagination? What if the creatures that we know are not real, may have actually existed?

Your drunken mystified duo is out hunting for monster stories again and Steven has snagged us some good ones.
Wolves, werewolves, the devil, and serial killers. Oh my!

Join us as we travel back to the dark ages and tell you the stories that still haunt people's nightmares.
From Germany to France we find werewolves with no underpants!

Caution: these stories have graphic violence, torture, and bad jokes.
You have been warned.

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